‘The Spirit of Barak Trail’, The Green Spine, Chirnside Park

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‘The Spirit of Barak Trail’, The Green Spine, Chirnside Park

'The Spirit of Barak Trail', The Green Spine, Chirnside Park

ASPECT Studios have been engaged by the Shire of Yarra Ranges to design a ‘Green Spine’ along the stretch of Maroondah Highway from Brushy Creek to Manchester Road, the gateway to the Shire of Yarra Ranges. As part of the Creating Better Places program (DCPD) this project has been awarded a $100,000 grant towards the implementation of stage 2. Sustainability is a key focus of the project and is being delivered through a shared pathway, solar powered pedestrian lighting, best practice treatment of water from roads, indigenous vegetation and strong tree planting that extends wildlife corridors, to create a truly ‘green spine gateway’. The project seeks to connect communities and strengthen a sense of place by the creation of a shared pathway on the north and south sides of the highway. This path navigates historic places including the birth place of William Barak – also the namesake of the trail. The path moves through memorable sections along the trail, including a boardwalk section, a large deck and rest area, native plantings of local and rare species, areas of wet gardens and earth forms. Discover more about the project here. Return to News