The Arbour on Grey sits in between Grey and Little Stanley Streets at the South Bank Parklands. The development provides the experience of inner city living, living in close proximity to entertainment, dining, shopping and recreational opportunities. Our commission resulted in a response to the urban frame using the ‘other’ elements of landscape design – light, space and volume.

The brief for the project was considered to be twofold: Firstly, to tie together the landscape elements along Grey and Little Stanley Streets with the new architecture, whilst providing artful connections between the two and South Bank Parklands. Secondly to address the functional issues associated with a building in which all four sides are open to scrutiny by all, including retail, dining, residential and service edges.

Playing with light and volume

The execution of the project upheld both the design aims of the project and the functional requirements of what needed to be a robust and inviting series of spaces.

A minimalist approach was adopted for the introduction of physical objects into an already busy ground plane to create a space of simplicity and rhythm. Introduced sculptural elements have a functional and aesthetic quality and were designed into the lighting to ensure that the space provided an experience for viewers and users, 24/7. Essentially, the task was to provide a day/night experience without too many intrusive physical .

The leap from the linear structure of the building and arbour to the lateral spaces in between, was made through the play of light and volume. Light and volume were emphasised through the suspension of a ribbon of sculptural lights which changed in form and extended onto the ground plane. This, together with the exact placement of ‘hovering’ seats with light box ‘tails’ guide the traveller through the space.



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Southbank, Brisbane, QLD


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