Where public and private spaces intersect

The new streetscapes and public realm enhancements include new street trees, which continue the local neighbourhood street character and provide much needed shade to both the street and building. Elevated planter boxes along the building edge create a planted buffer to the ground floor apartments.

Precast concrete benches, located within the communal spaces and through-site link, integrate public domain lighting which illuminates feature planting and frames the central intersection where public and private spaces intersect.

City Freeholds Projects


Concept Design, Development Application, Design Development, Tender Documentation, Construction Certificates


Camperdown, Sydney, NSW, Australia


ASPECT Studios, Bates Smart, Parkview, AECOM, ACOR, ARUP



Photo Credit 

Simon Wood

The Gantry Apartments development in Camperdown is a residential and retail complex, providing two private courtyards for residents, streetscape upgrades, a new public street and a new pedestrian through-site link.

The central private courtyard spaces have been designed to create individual and communal passive recreational opportunities, with the landscape layout also providing a graphic composition for the benefit of overlooking residents. Recycled brick finishes are used for the all-access east-west pathways, leading to a swimming pool, timber decks, and generous sunken turf areas which offer flexible spill out spaces for residents and overland flood protection.