Part architectural sculpture, part social experiment

At night, the yellow fabric became a canvas for revealing movement of people within the space. The curved form of the structure created a point of tension toward the centre of the laneway, forcing pedestrians to negotiate their way through the busy thoroughfare by acknowledging and communicating with others moving in the opposite direction.

This social aspect, often lacking in the Sydney CBD, of observing, acknowledging, communicating and negotiating with people increased positive human contact with a sense of play.

The Meeting Place – part architectural sculpture, part social experiment –  was a playful installation encouraging participation and interaction whilst heightening the experience of moving through the urban surrounds of Little Hunter Street Sydney.

The design concept created a space within the existing laneway form through the construction of two fabric walls, each four metres high. The material selected had an opacity which allow for obscured views through to the remaining unused parts of the laneways and to the existing building facades.

City of Sydney Council


Design and construction


Little Hunter Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia


ASPECT Studios, Herbert & Mason, Derlot Studio