In joint partnership SJB and ASPECT Studios were commissioned by the City of Parramatta Council to create a Framework Plan for the Civic Link. The proposal is a new 500 meter long linear park that runs through the centre of the CBD on a north-south axis; beginning at the northern edge of Parramatta Square and extending through the CBD up to the new MAAS site and river precinct.

The vision for this project is to create ‘a vibrant green heart for Australia’s next great city’ – a pedestrianised public space with a cultural spine that connects Parramatta CBD’s primary civic and riverfront spaces; and responds to environmental context as well as Parramatta’s rich and vibrant history.

A vibrant green heart for Australia’s next great city

The purpose of the Framework Plan is to clearly articulate why the project is a critical piece of Parramatta’s future city fabric, and to provide a road map of how it will be delivered. A set of Urban Design Guidelines have been prepared to define the public space, pedestrian movement, built form, program and sustainability, as well as identifying actions for the short, medium and long term.

Some of the proposed key moves included; an outdoor event space adjacent to the Roxy Theatre, newly activated building edges, rationalised vehicular movement arrangements, children’s playground, new public spaces, outdoor meeting tables, urban games, increased tree canopy cover, consideration of possible locations for energy and water treatment plants, and significant Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) areas.

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Master Plan


Parramatta, NSW, Australia