A temporary bar in a forgotten space

Built using certified plantation pine timber and recycled pine, the furniture is a simple modular design which can be used for seating, planting or stacked to create bars and tables. It can be packed, shipped and reassembled later in another location.

The bar is spread over three levels; an entrance courtyard and laneway garden, a rooftop deck and an interior conservatory type space housing the main bar. The bar fittings remained in Melbourne for 6 months, after which they were shipped up to Sydney and modified to create a new bar.


Images 1-3 courtesy of Sam d’Agostino

We Are Hunter (now Right Angle Studios)


Concept design,design development, construction supervision, and documentation


Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


ASPECT Studios, TRUNK Creative



A clearly designed and flexible series of elements create a vibrant, temporary bar in a forgotten space in Melbourne.

ASPECT Studios collaborated with We Are Hunter (now Right Angle Studios) to design a pop up bar in a laneway off Queen Street, Melbourne. The bar revitalizes a series of left over laneway spaces to create an urban oasis.

The design utilized over 500 second hand pots donated from suppliers and customers in a ‘pot for pot’ (a plant for a beer) exchange system. Plants are a mix of ornamental and food plants.