Windsor Plaza is the creation of new public space in a highly contested urban realm of inner Melbourne. The thinking behind this project goes back nearly 8 years when it was first identified as an opportunity to reduce the road space and increase pedestrian in the Chapel Street master plan.

The area has very little open space and the Council was seeking to develop more public space from streets, versus acquiring additional land at great public expense. Two key public spaces where created. To the south a new “village square” reclaimed from the realignment of roads. To the north the existing roadway, was narrowed and converted to a shared street and urban plaza.

Reinterpreting the village square

The design thinking extended to a contemporary contextual historic methodology as the key form driver. The design references the adjacent buildings. It is a reinterpretation of the village square driven by the traditional nexus of a main street, station, post office, fire station and pub.

The furniture’s brickwork is laid vertically to contrast the traditional horizontal brickwork of the heritage buildings. Brick colours and banding connect to the adjacent buildings. The urban furniture is accentuated by their historic setting, carefully turned brass fittings and finely detailed precast concrete.

City of Stonnington


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