An Offering in Green Infrastructure for Liveability

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An Offering in Green Infrastructure for Liveability

We can plan and design our cities to provide urban greening for resilience and liveability. We do this using a green infrastructure approach.

  As our cities continue to expand and become more densely populated, urban greening is becoming increasingly important. Urbanisation and the progression of climate change means that the design of our cities needs to respond and adapt to the loss of green space, varying rainfall and increasing temperatures.   Broadly there is growing policy support and awareness for action in greening our cities. Recently there has been focussed attention on increasing green space in our cities at Federal, State and Local Government levels. This is reflected by the recent establishment of a new Federal Minister for Cities. In response to this our green infrastructure practice leaders have been active in this area. We can respond to these imperatives through our expertise in strategic urban planning, feasibility assessments, design, community engagement, soil and water management and green asset design.   Through projects and collaborations, ASPECT Studios are leading the way in facilitating increased urban greenery in our cities. Greening cities has many benefits including reducing health costs; reducing energy costs; increased retail; increase sense of community and social equity; as well as the many environmental benefits. This translates into increased value of developments in terms of both property value and operational improvements.   In collaboration with E2Designlab, ASPECT Studios have formed the Green Infrastructure Alliance or “GIA’’ in order to bring urban greening solutions to our clients. We provide planning and design services to successfully maximise the amount of urban greening, to realise these benefits and set projects apart. Green infrastructure uses a systems approach that considers vegetation, soil and water, as well as people that integrates with the existing grey and social infrastructure. The green (plants) are enabled by blue (water), in support of the pink (people). We are recognised nationally and internationally as leaders in this field.   ASPECT Studios offer the following green infrastructure expertise:
  • Public Realm design to maximise urban greening
  • Integrated landscape and water design
  • Technical design of planting systems, soil volumes and water management
  • Acting as expert witnesses in planning tribunals
  • Providing innovation and guiding research and development
  • Offering links between academia, industry and governance
  • Securing funding and grants for innovation in design and construction
  We have been instrumental in advocating for increased greening and have incorporated this into a number of high profile projects including:   NEWS_GI_lvl3_im1_TGL_809w_539hc Photography: Florian Groehn   The Goods Line   The Goods Line has transformed a piece of historic grey infrastructure that included heavy rail through one of Sydney’s fastest growing communities. The project has brought people and nature into a space that was formerly a cut off and disused industrial relic. It has enabled large trees to flourish, expanses of lawns and garden beds to be integrated into a space that is a vibrant link to the University of Technology Sydney, activity centres, institutions and residential areas.   As a significant piece of green infrastructure it has often been compared to New York’s Highline due to the transformative qualities it represents. Storm water is collected and re used for irrigation, and treated via a system of rain gardens and increased permeable surface.   For ASPECT Studios, The Goods Line showcases what a green infrastructure approach can achieve.   NEWS_GI_lvl3_im3_Broo_809w_540hb Photography: Florian Groehn   Barangaroo, International Tower Sydney (Tower Two)   This project showcases how greening can improve workspace quality by having mature indoor trees at the entrance lobby, greening of the office environment including cascading window planters that adorn the staff library and the lush landscape of the communal terrace with significant plantings, as well as an A/V screen, speakers and BBQ facilities. Research has shown that greening elements such as these will increase worker productivity, concentration and overall wellbeing making this development a fantastic place to be.   NEWS_GI_lvl3_im4_Yagan_809w_572h Render: ASPECT Studios and Lyons   Yagan Square, Perth   This iconic civic project involves planting large advanced trees on to a roof top podium playspace and significant display gardens of West Australian indigenous flora. An integrated water management strategy captures site rainwater runoff and stores it for irrigation re use. Many of the trees are also passively irrigated with large soil volumes. This project not only sets a bench mark for green infrastructure, but also design quality and cultural significance.   NEWS_Gi_im5_Platinum Tower_809w Render: FloodSlicer   Platinum Tower, South Melbourne   This project showcases how living systems can be engineered into even the most artificial environments. It involves the construction of a nine storey vertical garden to the car park levels of a 48 storey residential apartment building – becoming one of the largest green façades in Melbourne.   The green façade is installed in pre grown planters that also act as the vehicle crash barriers. Testing was undertaken to verify to air movement rates in achieving compliance with the BCA for air quality within the car park as the space is un-mechanically ventilated. Through these projects, and many other ASPECT Studios have positioned ourselves extremely well to cement our place as leaders in urban greening. Return to News