DPCD endorse 3D technology

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DPCD endorse 3D technology

As part of the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) Urban Design Training Program, Jesse Sago was invited to attend and present at the session on Structure Planning for Activity Centres. The focus of this session was on how to develop a structure plan to facilitate growth and change for Activity Centres. The training module provided attendees an overview and understanding of the roles and urban design principles for Activity Centres. The session looked at the case study of Banyule City Council, particularly its successful and innovative approach to its strategic planning. A key part of the process was the utilisation of 3D modelling and real-time visualisation services provided by ASPECT Studios.
David Klingberg, of David Lock Associates, presented his work on the Heidelberg Structure Plan and said that it was crucial to use the right tools and techonology. David mentioned that by using a real-time 3D model, he was able to gain consensus and agreement through one workshop instead of the weeks it normally takes to finalise built form scenarios. Peter Boyle (DPCD) also emphasised the ability to successfully overcome the challenges in dealing with Heidelberg's undulating topography through 3D modelling.
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