Enlivening cities through temporary design installations

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Enlivening cities through temporary design installations
STREET WORKS is an initiative generated by ASPECT Studios for the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) NSW and supported by the City of Sydney. It is a multi-disciplinary competition inviting landscape architects, architects, artists, musicians, digital media and other design professionals to transform public spaces.
The project will create six temporary installations at public sites within the City of Sydney to be active for three months from October 2011. These currently under utilised spaces will be transformed into vibrant, experimental, sustainable places to bring people together. The concepts should be relevant to the aspirations of the City of Sydney's ‘Sustainable Sydney 2030’ a program for a green, global and connected city.
While STREET WORKS is being run by AILA as a pilot project in the first year, the plan is to extend it as an annual event, connecting Sydney into the growing international movement of enlivening cities. These entries will be awarded at the STREET WORKS opening ceremony at Customs House. Sacha Coles, National Studios Director at ASPECT Studios is one of six jury members and Project Director for AILA NSW. An exhibition showcasing all STREET WORKS entries will be held during the ‘Sydney Architectural Festival’ in October 2011. This will highlight the range of creative ideas to form people focused places, and promote discussion on the city we wish to inhabit.
For information on STREET WORKS see http://www.streetworks.org.au/ or facebook
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