Latest awards for The Goods Line highlight a new focus on green spaces for The City of Sydney.

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Latest awards for The Goods Line highlight a new focus on green spaces for The City of Sydney.
aspect-studios-general-post-crop5   As Sydney’s population inches closer to the 5 million mark, open green spaces will become even more vital to the city and the people who live there. The Goods Line is a recent example of how this can be achieved and the number of high-profile awards it has received is an acknowledgment of how design can enhance urban life and create places where people want to be.   A former rail corridor, The Goods Line is now an invigorated green civic centre that connects city neighbourhoods and the surrounding concentration of cultural, media and educational institutions, including UTS’ Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Sydney TAFE. Bespoke seating and furniture reference the site’s industrial heritage and access to existing streets is unlocked through new pedestrian and cycle connections. The elevated linear park’s blurred boundaries facilitate pop-up events and festivals while a series of interventions provide new social infrastructure including an amphitheatre, Wi-Fi facilities, a play space and raised lawns.   aspect-studios-sydney-nov2016-post-crop   The Goods Line has received a number of awards in recent months, including:
  • Australian Urban Design Awards - Delivered Outcome – Small Scale
  • NSW Awards for Planning Excellence – From Plan to Place
  • NSW Awards for Planning Excellence – Great Place
  • Australian Institute of Landscape Architects National Landscape Architecture Awards – Civic Landscape
  While it is wonderful to receive such respected industry and institute awards, we hope the recognition for The Goods Line - an initiative of the NSW Government, helps build momentum for more open green spaces in our cities.   aspect-studios-sydney-nov2016-post-crop4   The City of Sydney is also making a positive move in this direction with the recent announcement of a plan to increase the amount of open green space by 36ha – or close to 10% - by 2030.   The $400 million plan was formally adopted by Council this month after receiving widespread support from Sydneysiders, workers and visitors.   The success of projects like The Goods Line show an increasing acceptance of the value of open spaces in how well-considered urban design can make our cities more enriching places to live.   aspect-studios-sydney-nov2016-post-crop3