Green Facades: Three views from the cutting edge

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Green Facades: Three views from the cutting edge

The first Canopy event of 2016 kicked off in late February. ASPECT Studios living architecture expert Warwick Savvas was joined by internationally renowned specialists in urban greening - Geoff Heard from Fytogreen and Peter Bottero from Tensile.

  Geoff Heard talked about pre-growing as a means of tackling the wait for plant growth in urban greening projects. By pre-growing plants it is now possible that the advantages of urban greening, such as building cooling, can start to take effect straight away. Warwick explained how we can implement green facades to ensure they are successful. Learning the technology of ensuring these gardens not only survive but thrive in Australia’s harsh climate. Peter’s experience is within the construction of living architecture and he focused on the technicalities involved. Combining the three different industry perspectives gave the crowd a fascinating and informative insight into green facades and some of the challenges involved.   “We are interested in pushing the boundaries of what is possible and exploring how various system can be hybridised and integrated within architectural forms. In our work we are responding to an emerging market that is driven by people’s desire to be close to greenery and gardens even in medium and high density projects.” - Warwick Savvas.   *Images of the Platinum Tower courtesy of Flood Slicer (render) and Salvo Property Group  

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