Guangzhou Greenland Baiyun Centre Competition Win

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Guangzhou Greenland Baiyun Centre Competition Win

ASPECT Studios recently won the Guangzhou Greenland Baiyun Centre competition to design the first landmark commercial development in Guangzhou Baiyun New City, China.

The project is a high end commercial complex incorporating a grade 5A office tower, to contain a 200m high, retail commercial and apartment hotel complex. To complement the Baiyun mountain setting, the landscape design eschews the typical office tower/mixed use formula to create an indoor-outdoor destination. Great importance was placed on clear circulation patterns, pedestrian scale spaces and details. The design intent was to provide a clean, simple design to unify the building architecture with the city fabric and have open multi-use areas that offer flexibility. Design ideas considered the humid subtropical climate, providing shade and cooling.

Signature design elements include :

RED CARPET: Distinctive pavement with lighting design extends the mall atrium and office lobby to the street and metro station.

PLAZA : With a variety of spaces that provide different pedestrian experiences. For example, covered seating pavilions and a series of stone water tables to modulate the space.

VINE HOUSE: A three story vine house structure overlooks the proposed central park with a green vertical garden that also connects the overhead skywalks and upper floor balconies.

PARKLAND: To contrast the plaza, a parkland forest surrounds the entire block to provide a lush garden.

GREEN WELLS: There are two main light wells; northwest light well offers a circular forest courtyard and the east light has a circular reflecting pool.

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