Jack Evans Boat Harbour – Tweed Heads opens

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Jack Evans Boat Harbour – Tweed Heads opens

The upgrade of Jack Evans Boat Harbour has created a unique civic place of waterfront leisure. It is also a major tourist attraction for Tweed Heads, which acts as the gateway between New South Wales and Queensland. The new recreational and aquatic playground has been recently opened to the public.

The park design offers a richness by creating a series of distinct relationships with the water – a new beach and beach deck, a new rocky headland, an ‘urban pier’, boardwalk, water amphitheatre, swimming areas, fishing points and boating opportunities. The entire water edge has been designed to withstand tidal inundation and potential storm surges to ‘future proof’ the surrounding parklands against the effects of climate change and sea level rise.

The design strongly promotes physical activity by providing a range of opportunities through the design of the public domain elements which facilitate walking, cycling and swimming.

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