Kirsten Bauer presentations

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Kirsten Bauer presentations
  Kirsten Bauer, Studio Director has recently been invited to present at a number of key national events.    

‘The Meaning of Light’

An event hosted by Electrolight and part of Federation Square’s The Light in Winter Festival. Kirsten joined six leaders in their respective fields of design, photography, science, architecture and landscape architecture. Other speakers included Alistair Knox, Marc Pascal, Vicki Cauzens, Tracey Sletten, Shannon McGrath and Stuart Harrison. They shared what light means to them and how it impacts the work that they produce in the public realm.   From a personal perspective, Kirsten talked about the ‘Golden Hour’. That time before sunset when shadows become dramatic against the landscape and everything is rich and golden. Her work on the National Emergency Services Memorial, in Canberra demonstrates the power and beauty of this type of light. Light and shadow played are large role in the sculpture form to the memorial.   Click here to discover more about National Emergency Services Memorial.    

The University of Adelaide Speaker Series

Kirsten presented a public lecture at The University of Adelaide, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, as part of its bi monthly Speaker Series.   She joined practicing architects and landscape architects from interstate to discuss their work and the ideas that run through it. Kirsten presented a number of projects including the Victorian Desalination project. The lecture discussed the ideas of scale, landscape infrastructure and the role of landscape architects in forming the public domain.   Click here to discover more about Victoria Desalination Plant.     Return to News