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Living Architecture

Increasing densities in cities have resulted in a loss of green space. The effects of climate change will result in increased temperatures, and the carbon tax / emissions trading scheme will drive the demand for improved energy efficiency in buildings. Our built form needs to respond to these challenges.

ASPECT Studios has developed our position on green roofs, walls and facades, or Living Architecture, based on involvement in a number of projects and review of current research. We pro-actively seek to promote living architecture in the construction industry, and with our public and private clients. We see Living Architecture as part of a broader concept of Green Infrastructure, that include green roofs, walls and façades, as well as Water Sensitive Urban Design, and the Urban Forest.

We believe the key to the successful implementation and widespread up take of Living Architecture is the collaboration of a diverse group of professionals, from landscape architects to engineers, policy makers, architects, ecologists, and horticulturists.

The Living Architecture team is led by Senior Associates Warwick Savvas, Erwin Taal and David Duncan.



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