Speculations 2012

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Speculations 2012

ASPECT Studios Adelaide has recently been awarded one of seven grants to undertake Speculations 2012, an initiative of the Integrated Design Commission as part of the 5000+ Project which aims to explore opportunities for the redesign, renewal and reactivation of inner Adelaide.

Working in a collaborative inter-disciplinary team with Roarkus Moss Architects, Nesters Architects, Groundplay and planner Damian Dawson, our team was selected out of 22 applicant teams to explore future scenarios for Grote Street, in Adelaide.

Current explorations focus on redefining the market/street interface as a catalyst for future growth and the gradual enrichment of public space along the street including multi-use rooftop landscapes, urban agriculture and strengthening the sense of arrival into the ‘kitchen’ of the city.

Image courtesy of Nesters.

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