Staff Appointments

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Staff Appointments

We are pleased to announce several recent significant staff appointments.

Vivi Chau will join Jesse Sago as Studio Director of the Digital Studio. Vivi’s experience will assist the studio to diversify and deliver more integrated urban design and digital media solutions.

We also have the pleasure to announce that David Duncan has been promoted to Senior Associate of the Sydney Studio and Liz Herbert (Associate) has moved from the Sydney Studio to the Melbourne Studio.

Finally it is with great pleasure that we wish to announce that Sacha Coles and Kirsten Bauer joined the company’s board as directors.

As Directors of ASPECT Studios, Kirsten and Sacha’s decision to join the board is a strong endorsement of the company’s direction and strategy.

They are widely recognised as leaders in their fields, highly respected among peers and they bring with them an exceptional understanding of the profession and their knowledge and assistance will continue to contribute greatly to our ambitions and carefully focused growth plans over the coming years.

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