The current signage was old, in disrepair and as a consequence perceived as unreliable. A clear brand voice was developed to rationalise the existing signage and project a clearer identity to the community about the precinct and its facilities.

The Casey Complex brandmark is based on the idea of a complete community precinct. It references the traditional concept of city walls enveloping the heart of a community.

A folded, three dimensional form creates an iconic C shape. The negative space within the C creates an arrow which communicates the concept of direction and movement. This sense of movement is also supported through the use of a brightly coloured gradient – helping to suggest a sporting context.

Development of the visual identity system for the complex established a framework for the wayfinding family of signage. Aimed at both vehicles and pedestrians the signage family negotiated a balance of scale to create a legible visual language.

City of Casey


Concept design, design development, and documentation


Casey, Victoria, Australia


ASPECT Studios & Studio Binocular