A consistent identity for the whole municipality

ASPECT Studios in alliance with Studio Binocular recently completed a comprehensive signage strategy for the City of Whitehorse.

The project demanded an extensive audit and stakeholder consultation process within Council and the broader community . The summary outcomes and recommendations of this phase of the project informed the redesign of all Council branded signage.

This covered and included:

• Building signage

• Parks and open spaces

• Shopping centres

• Gateways into the municipality

The signage information included wayfinding, directional, location, time and distance, maps and icons. Extensive research was initiated to develop a suite of materials that could be used for both the natural and urban environments across the municipality. The construction methodology mitigated maintenance and negotiated the fine balance between sustainable and environmental aspirations and the pragmatic need for a durable and graffiti resistant suite of signage.The end result is a set of guidelines and templates that allows Council to deliver a consistent branded identity for the whole municipality.

Photography: ASPECT Studios / Studio Binocular

City of Whitehorse


Signage audit, stakeholder consultation, concept design, design development, design guidelines.


City of Whitehorse, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


ASPECT Studios (lead), Studio Binocular