27km signage strategy

The signage system aimed at creating robust, long life and durable construction detailing, using materials that would retain their aesthetic integrity over many years. The result was a modular ‘kit-of-parts’ utilising vitreous enamel technology, giving councils the freedom to create combinations of signage types as required.

A complex suite, the signage included information and maps across many categories: wayfinding, directional, warning, informational, regulatory, permissible, alternate flood warning and alternate flood route.

Photographer: Andrew Lloyd

Merri Creek Trail traverses a 27km path along Merri Creek from Mahoneys Road on the outskirts of Melbourne, to its confluence with the Yarra River at Dight’s Falls.

ASPECT Studios was commissioned to create a signage strategy that would offer coherence and clarity along the trail’s length. This required the design and detailing of a signage family that could respond to the rigours of the elements and vandalism.

Moreland City Council, Darebin City Council, City of Yarra


Concept design and documentation


Merri Creek, Victoria, Australia


ASPECT Studios, Vitra Signage


2008 – 2009