Encouraging people to exercise and play

With an appetite to do more and create a space to stay, a new project model was conceived of by the local business community. Several of the surrounding businesses have rallied together to establish a precinct partners working group and commission a temporary park with the goal of creating a useable and inspired park experience to encourage greater interaction by the surrounding communities.

To encourage more people to stay, exercise and play, ASPECT Studios designed a park within a park which was based on site research, community engagement and analysis, with the intent to introduce social infrastructure types and test the effectiveness of these in shifting existing patterns of use.


Photography: Florian Groehn

Metcalfe Park is situated on the waterfront in the commercial and technology cradle of Pyrmont in Sydney.

Adjacent to the harbour, the existing park offers some of the most direct views of the rapidly transforming western city edge of Sydney, but with no facilities or public offering beyond its open grass area, it functions as a transitional place with most people simply passing through or around it.

Google, The Star Sydney, Doltone House, The GPT Group, Mirvac, Fairfax Media, Property NSW


Preoccupation Observation Study, Concept Design, Installation, Observation Study During Temporary Overlay


Metcalfe Park, Pyrmont, Sydney NSW, Australia


ASPECT Studios, Fleetwood Urban