Movement and transition

Our team were entrusted with the challenge of minimising the visual impact, enhancing the existing design and creating a memorable experience for users of the space. The resulting design references the feature seating and the stripes associated with older style canvas awnings of the 1950-60’s.

Albeit abstracted by size, the large colour bands replicate the topography of the site’s concrete seating, with their dynamic separation into strips working as an optical suggestion of movement and transition through the space.


Photography: Andrew Lloyd

Moreland City Council


Super Graphics


Morgan Court Plaza, Glenroy, VIC


Urban & Public, en:locus



ASPECT Studios’ graphic design and placemaking experts Urban & Public worked in collaboration with Moreland City Council in Victoria, to enhance a new plaza design for Morgan Court in the heart of Glenroy with a super graphic wall treatment.

The plaza design delivered by en;locus was dominated by a large brick wall creating a visually dominant feature to the space.