Celebrating rainwater recycling

Rainwater recycling was celebrated through graphic, bold and interpretative means. Rain gardens planted with indigenous species intercept over flow from the carparks and permeable paving in parking bays was used to allow oxygen and water exchange to trees planted within these zones. An urban forest was created within the car park to provide shade for microclimate amelioration and reduction of heat island effect.

The depot contains significant industrial artefacts that were incorporated as sculptures within the landscape. Precast concrete ‘pipe liners’ from the Sydney deep ocean outfall were used as retaining walls in the car park.


Photographer: Tyrone Branigan

ASPECT Studios was commissioned by Sydney Water to design the landscape and carpark at its depot and administration facility at Potts Hill. The site adjacent to the Potts Hill Reservoir site contains areas of remnant endangered Ironbark -Turpentine forest.

The project brief was to create an inviting work environment that is measurably sustainable, engaging and pedestrian friendly. The landscape concept was to break down the vast areas of car park and hardstand required by Sydney Water in order to create a more ‘campus’ inspired landscape and pedestrian prioritised zone for staff and visitors.

Sydney Water


Development application, design development, documentation, construction


Potts Hill, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Bates Smart


2008 – 2009