Realigning the landscape to the bay

The precinct was structured in four main areas:

  1. The foreshore edge provides a strong linear path, referencing a classic promenade.
  2. The activity ‘spine’  and path system which follow desire lines perpendicular to the promenade that create pockets of space for activities.
  3. The forecourt area provides focus to the end of the pier.
  4. The ‘hinterland’ of parking is an integrating element in the design, providing access into the site.

Photographer: Dan Gueli

Frankston Foreshore spear headed Frankston’s reorientation to the Bay after many years of neglect. The feature bridge is now Frankston’s local landmark.

Most coastal developments segregate activity in hierarchy of use, parallel to the beach. The key design intent of the precinct was to break this hierarchy, realigning the space perpendicular to the beach; overlapping park and beach. This was achieved through a robust underlying structure, occupied by various activities, surface areas, art works and vegetation types.

Frankston City Council


Sketch design, concept master plan and contract documentation


Frankston Foreshore, Frankston, VIC, Australia


ASPECT Studios, Grogan Richards (structural engineering), Peninsula Civic Design (civil), Light Space (lighting), Kerry Old field (art), PL Consultants (water features)