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Anne-Marie Paton appointed as ASPECT Studios First Peoples' Partnerships & Design Lead in Melbourne

Date: Jul 05, 2022
Category: Studio News
ASPECT Studios Anne Marie 2000x2000
Anne-Marie Paton will be assuming a new role in Melbourne for our studio - First Peoples’ Partnerships & Design Lead.

This specialist role builds upon the effort we have placed on maintaining our approach as industry leaders in biocultural design, while demonstrating our leadership in Traditional Owner involvement through a Country centred approach. Her commitment to the development of strong relationships and building an understanding over many years has informed our culturally responsive approach to meaningful Indigenous led design processes which enable self-determination.

Anne-Marie’s new role focuses on building new, and strengthening existing relationships, with Traditional Owners and Indigenous collaborators, which includes exploring opportunities for greater genuine collaboration with Traditional Owners and other agencies.

She will also lead Traditional Owner involvement and engagement processes in key projects across Victoria, while supporting and extending our design approach. Anne-Marie will also oversee training and development, which continues to build capability and knowledge within our team.

We are very excited about this development which demonstrates our strong ongoing commitment to facilitating genuine Traditional Owner partnerships. We hope in turn it continues deepening our ongoing understanding of community, culture and Country.