The Goods Line

Connecting Sydney’s creative hub

Windsor Plaza
Windsor Plaza Melbourne

Reinterpreting the village square

UTS Alumni Green

A vibrant space at the heart of the university

The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden

A world class play space that’s wild at heart

Hefei Wantou & Vanke Paradise Art Wonderland Phase1

Reflecting elements of the local community and culture

Port Adelaide Renewal: Hart’s Mill Surrounds

An innovative play space themed around the site’s flour milling history

The Victorian Desalination Project & Ecological Reserve

225 hectares of Ecological Reserve

Box Hill Gardens Multi Use Purpose Area

Dynamic and engaging community space

One Central Park

The largest green facade in Australia

Bunurong Memorial Park

11 hectares of extensive native gardens

Darling Quarter

Major place-making transformation

Frome Street Bikeway

Giving cyclists the right information at the right time