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The Dubai studio

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, desert and beaches. It is a well-connected, fast-paced and exciting regional hub that also contains a laid-back, family-centered atmosphere. Our appreciation for these qualities, and the city’s eclectic mix of cultures and design styles, drives our ambition to make this a more sustainable and liveable place. This is why ASPECT Studios chose Dubai as our regional base for Middle Eastern projects. Our studio workspace is bright and airy with high ceilings and leafy greens. Every new starter is handed a plant when they begin their journey, to tend to and nurture while they grow with us. On an average day you’ll find us sketching in one of the chill out spaces, popping downstairs for a quick coffee or discussing design theories between Teams calls. Occasionally we are joined by a furry four-legged colleague.

At ASPECT Studios Dubai, we try to do work that makes us feel good.

We seek to challenge regional design norms. We aren’t married to outcomes; we thrive on iterative design processes. Collaborating with like-minded firms and clients to craft places of delight with a deep connection to the land is our goal. We dream of a spacious, sun-drenched studio space near the beach, with a never-ending stream of creatively challenging projects. Let’s hope we make it there someday soon, but for now we love the vibe of our studio and hope you do to. Drop by for a coffee!
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The Dubai team

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2023 Future Urbanism Smart City Summit & Expo in Dubai
ASPECT Studios Regional Director Valter Vieira recently presented at the 2023 Future Urbanism Smart City Summit & Expo in Dubai. Celebrating smart cities and sustainable urban development, Valter appeared as part of URB’s ‘Urban Power’ list which included 20 leaders in the built environment who are helping shape our cities. Using ASPECT Studios’ work on the Greenline in Melbourne as a case study, Valter presented a talk about ‘Weaving Digital Technology into Landscape Architecture’.