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The Sydney studio

In ASPECT Sydney’s leafy Redfern studio, on the land of the Gadi people, we are driven to action. Our ethos is defined by our strong environmental ethic and our optimism that what we do makes a difference. We don’t shy away from complexity. In fact, that’s where our sweet spot is. We embrace the diversity in the cities we work in - the people, the ecologies and the environments. And we celebrate that this diversity is represented in our people. We are obsessed with design excellence, and do not stop short of it at any scale. We recognise that excellence takes teamwork, and we are energised by collaboration with those in and outside of the studio. We run our own race. We exceed expectations. We find joy in doing things differently.

The Sydney team

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Tiny Walk #2 – The Ribbon Playground

Following the success of our first Tiny Walk touring the revitalised public domain at the former Australian Technology Park, South Eveleigh, we hosted our second Tiny Walk at The Ribbon Playground, Darling Harbour. Another long-running project, the playground expands the original Darling Quarter designed by ASPECT Studios nearly 13 years ago. The playground, designed to be a thrilling stage for imaginative play, has three distinct play zones catering to different age groups. ASPECT Studios was privileged to test the playground prior to its opening. Associate and project lead Luna Tran led the site tour treating the team to an in-depth presentation of the technical details of the project, its challenges, solutions, and successful results. It wasn’t all work though with the team climbing, sliding, swinging, and hanging from the fantastic fun-filled (and bespoke) play structures, and finding some ‘easter eggs’ that hint at the site’s nautical history. The playground is now officially open.