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Who we are

ASPECT Studios is an international design practice, built from a global team of landscape architects, urban designers, architects, wayfinding specialists, strategists, and graphic designers.
We approach each project by examining the social, cultural, economic, historical and ecological context that underpins it.

Our people are dexterous, creative, technically adept, and serious about designing places that benefit people and the natural world. This focus has seen us create some of the most memorable public realm and natural spaces in Australia and abroad.
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What we do

From small parks and streets to city-shaping master plans, we design places where people want to be.
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Our purpose

We are designers, landscape architects and urbanists connected by our purpose – to create projects which challenge and delight, whilst enhancing the lives of people and natural systems in an enduring way.

We are influential, city-shaping leaders, recognised globally for what we design and how we think.

Our design process reveals the essential qualities of place, the landscape, its history, social rituals and cultural significance. We champion creative solutions that enrich the way people interact with place. Through design, we resolve complex contemporary challenges and craft places of meaning and delight.

We challenge a business-as-usual approach and anticipate emerging culture, allowing our diverse projects to stand out. We practice design to advocate for a symbiotic relationship between the human and natural environments. We believe in the deep connectedness of all living things.
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A 'total landscape’ approach
We approach each project by examining the social, cultural, economic, historical and ecological context. This means that, over the course of several decades, we have honed our expertise in multiple disciplines, including landscape architecture, urban design, living architecture, infrastructure, wayfinding and signage, digital design and integrated play spaces.

We understand how people use public spaces, and we have a deep understanding of the influences, pressures and stakeholders that shape the quality of a place. The strategy, knowledge and systems thinking provided by our staff sees us continuously bring strategic, relevant and delightful approaches to every project. ASPECT Studios projects are reliably excellent because we know where we are and why we’re there.

Our history

Our practice was founded in Australia in 1993 out of a desire to create a design-focused studio with global impact.

In the intervening years, our studios have grown on a reputation for design-led solutions and our capability to deliver industry-defining design excellence and quality through creative and sustainable projects. In Australia, alongside our Melbourne and Sydney studios, we have expanded to Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. In China, our studios in Shanghai and Guangzhou have made a unique contribution to the development of China’s biggest cities. Our studio in Dubai works on city-shaping projects across the Middle East, and the Ho Chi Minh City and London studios promise an entirely new chapter for ASPECT Studios in Southeast Asia and Europe.
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One Studio
Our growth from Australia to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and further afield is not driven by the pursuit of expansion for its own sake. We have moved into new places only where we have found people that we admire both for their distinct qualities as designers and thinkers, and for a like-mindedness with us in their approach to that work.

In our efforts to simultaneously strengthen our collective knowledge while preserving these local voices and perspectives, we work under a 'One Studio' model. Each studio is encouraged to develop its unique strengths and to treasure its idiosyncrasies, and these qualities are then feed back into company-wide collaboration.

Our teams

Working in one of the driest urban areas in the world, our Adelaide studio is at the forefront of designing resilient landscapes.
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Studio culture

At ASPECT Studios, design and purpose are at the core of everything that we do – of how we design, the projects that we pursue and the people we choose to work with. We elevate the human experience by fostering community and inviting the environment into people’s daily lives, all while enhancing and repairing the natural world.
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