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Australia’s very first dedicated heart hospital

Date: Apr 21, 2022
Category: New Projects
Investment from the Victorian Government, Monash Health, and Monash University is set to make Australia’s very first dedicated heart hospital a reality.

The Victorian Heart Hospital will provide innovative, holistic and patient-centred care in heart disease, provide new opportunities for ground-breaking clinical trials and drive world-leading medical education and research.

Our team is playing an important role in the design of the hospital landscape, as well as providing critical input in the building placement and its interface with the university campus.

Effective green space has a lasting impact on our wellbeing, and a particular healing power on hospital patients. Creating a place that allows a direct connection to nature will help shape the patient’s experience and recovery, while playing a significant role in the success of their treatment.

Located on Monash University’s Clayton campus, the new hospital will train and educate the next generation of cardiac experts, while the combined intellect of Monash Health, Monash University, and a wide network of research industry collaborators, will see the new hospital become a global leader in cardiovascular research.

ASPECT INSIGHTS Vic Heart Hospital 03