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Barangaroo Harbour Park competition

Date: Nov 09, 2023
Category: Studio News
ASPECT Studios News Barangeroo Comp
ASPECT Studios was selected to participate in the Barangaroo Harbour Park design competition.

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to share our design as a part of an NSW government and AILA event which showcased all finalists.

Following the presentations there was a panel conversation about what it means to design a contemporary waterfront park; culturally, ecologically, and socially for Sydney Harbour.

ASPECT Studios News Barangeroo Comp5

A key cut through for everyone was the respect and honouring of First Nations knowledge and care for Country.

It was brilliant to be immersed in design thinking and we relish undertaking competitions because they demand exploration and push at the edges of possibility.

ASPECT Studios News Barangeroo Comp2

Our concept proposed a series of sensory landscaped environments including a forest, urban woodlands, garden, and harbour lawn. Integrated artwork and embedded architecture supported the idea of discovery and delight, with the overriding intention to create space to breathe and to appreciate the magnificent views of the waterfront, sky, and surrounding sandstone country.

To view all the competition entries and learn more click here: https://www.barangaroo.com/pas...

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