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Monash University Southern Precinct Landscape announced as 2024 LSA Landscape Performance Case Study

Date: Jan 10, 2024
Category: Studio News
Aspect Monash 29

A study on the Monash University Southern Precinct Landscape (SPL) completed by ASPECT Studios in 2018 for Monash University by Multiplex will be used to deepen our understanding of how landscapes perform over time, and to quantify the sustainability benefits of designing for local conditions.

The SPL is one of two projects that will be assessed by the inaugural round of the Landscape Foundation of Australia Landscape Performance Case Studies Program. Beginning this February and continuing until October, a team of researchers led by RMIT University’s Jock Gilbert will produce detailed case studies that will inform future landscape planning and design, as well as the direction of policy relating to the natural environment.

Aspect Monash 15

The Landscape Foundation of Australia is a newly formed non-profit organisation focused on supporting the protection, restoration, enhancement and sustainable management of the natural environments that occur in and around the urban landscapes of Australian cities and towns.

The Case Studies initiative aims to adapt a similar, long-running program developed by the US-based Landscape Architecture Foundation for their Landscape Performance Series.

It is a privilege to have our work examined in such a close way, and for such an important purpose. Senior Associate Warwick Savvas will liase with the research team to support this valuable contribution to our shared discipline.

To find out more click here: https://www.landscapefoundatio...