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Play Beyond Playgrounds symposium

Date: Dec 17, 2023
Category: Events and exhibitions
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The two-day Play Beyond Playgrounds symposium examined play: artful play, cities for play, playable public art and the benefits of risk and how to manage it.

Keynote speakers included Studio Director Louise Pearson and installation artist Mike Hewson, who presented groundbreaking playgrounds such as Hewson’s expansive climbable rock scape in downtown Melbourne and the joyful wilderness that is ASPECT’s Wild Play in Sydney’s Centennial Park.

The event stimulated some lively and fluid discussions, and it was a pleasure to have such an engaged and active audience.

One thing was clear: it takes a team of committed people to create places for effortless play.

The symposium was curated by Dr Sanne Mestrom and Nadia Odlum

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