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Studio Director Katherine English speaks at forum held by Fiteni about housing diversity

Date: Sep 19, 2022
Category: Studio News
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The Queensland Government recently announced they plan on further contributing to diverse and affordable housing options in the Redlands, with plans to develop a strategy that reflects the current and future trends of the socioeconomic environment of potential homeowners.

Katherine English, one of our Brisbane Studio Directors, recently took part in a community forum hosted by Fiteni to discuss the need for housing diversity and thoughtful public shared space in growing communities. The panel explored varied housing typologies to expand affordable housing options and provide further choice for prospective homeowners as life circumstances change.

“Communities are changing, housing structure are changing – we are definitely seeing more multi-generational households and therefore communities and neighbourhoods with a greater diversity of ages and needs,” says Katherine. “This will only increase in the future as population grows, affordability is challenged, and we find more people in smaller spaces.”

We are highly supportive of the Queensland government’s recent announcement, as it highlights a crucial need to rethink the future housing options in a sustainable and diverse manner. We look forward to contributing further to this ongoing discussion in the coming months.