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Sunac Tour of Life

Date: Jun 15, 2023
Category: Completed Projects
Sunac Retail Qingdao 1
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Surrounded by a picturesque mountain range in Qingdao, China, the Tour of Life is a lifestyle destination offering a multitude of cultural experiences. From the vibrant event space, to the immersive linear street, our design aims to foster connections between visitors and the nature.

Our vision was to create a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere where individuals can come together, unwind, explore, and find inspiration in their surroundings. We have meticulously curated a diverse range of visitor experiences that cater to people of all ages.

Sunac 05

Delightful restaurants and alfresco cafes, enticing retail outlets, cultural pavilions, a wedding chapel, and an exhibition centre await victors, while a multifunctional events space, adorned with terraced seating and dancing fountains, sets the stage for cultural events, seasonal festivals, and exhibitions.

Guests can experience adventures such as BMX biking, navigating through an enchanting hedge maze, and soaring on a zip line above a breath taking native grass and woodland valley.

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The changing colours of the seasons take centre stage in the lifestyle district, skilfully guiding the gaze of visitors towards the majestic surrounding landscape and mountain backdrop. Thoughtfully selected native plants add texture, scale, and a genuine sense of place, blending in with the natural environment and accentuating the beauty of the plaza, transforming it into a welcoming gathering space.

The built environment and the landscape come together in perfect harmony to crate a truly unique destination that embraces the spirit of environment, place and community, leaving visitors feeling inspired and connected to nature.

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