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The 2023 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Awards

Date: Oct 22, 2023
Category: Awards
AILA National 01
With shortlisted projects from our Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and NSW studios, we are excited to announce wins across the country.
AILA National 02

Awards of Excellence went to Lake Boort Scarred Trees Masterplan (Tourism) and the Shoreline Drive Landscape Plan (Land Management). The Lake Boort Scarred Trees Masterplan also received a Regional Achievement Award.

AILA National 03

Both projects are thanks to significant collaboration and partnership with Traditional Owner corporations and communities; Djarra and Yung Balug Clan members for the Lake Boort Scarred Trees Masterplan, and GLaWAC and GunaiKurnai community for Shoreline Drive Landscape Plan.

AILA National 04

We were also honoured with Landscape Architecture Awards for the South Eveleigh project, Melbourne Connect (both Urban Design) and the Kensington Wama/Kensington Gardens Reserve (Parks and Open Space).

AILA National 05

A big congratulations to our team and all our collaborators who helped us realise these fantastic projects.

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AILA National 06