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Landscape architecture

We engage with the landscape at every level.

Landscape architecture is a wide-ranging discipline. On one hand, it is an urban-focused practice dealing with the design of parks, plazas, streetscapes, rooftops and gardens. On the other, it involves landscapes beyond the city: in the revegetation of degraded landscape and the protection of sensitive wetlands. And it has a role in integrating nature with other projects, through things like living architecture and green infrastructure.
We don’t focus on a particular type of project. Instead, we practice landscape architecture by focusing on projects that meet our purpose. We are focused on making a contribution to the public realm of the city and the environment through design.
20201211 Lyons Prahran Square DJI 0038 lo res
Prahran Square

ASPECT Studios practice in a culturally aware studio environment where projects are resolved through discussion of ideas, research, design and technical expertise.
Our designs are based on ethical responsibility, responsiveness to the needs of the client and an approach that embraces the ‘total landscape’ - one comprising social, economic and ecological considerations.
04 Westpac Place275 Kent St Florian Groehn
Westpac Plaza

We support a healthy culture of research and education through design tours, competition entries, teaching and strong links with universities and professional associations.

These connections keep all of ASPECT Studios’ practices engaged with current thinking and techniques. Technology also forms part of this contemporary approach, and is an evolving tool for research, visualisation, testing and design.

Our work

Darling Quarter is a transformational project that injected much-needed open public space on a technically complex slice of Sydney’s waterfront.

Yagan Square is a new civic heart for Perth, which stitches together previously disconnected parts of the city through storytelling.

The Ring delivers connections to nature in the heart of a fast-growing area in Chongqing, one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world.