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Our approach to working with Traditional Custodians

ASPECT Studios is committed to a respectful "caring for Country” approach. This involves developing a deeper understanding of the values of Country by building strong and trusting relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across the lands in which we live and work.
We practice a welcoming, respectful and inclusive approach with Traditional Custodians, understanding the responsibility they have for Country. We collaborate with local communities because we recognise the importance of the connection they have with Country, and their inherent knowledge and wisdom that has been shared with them over many generations, and how this has shaped the lands and communities that surround us.

The collaborative foundations of our approach are driven by an aim to honour, respect, and respond to these ineffable connections, both tangible and intangible, and a commitment to supporting the journey to agency and self-determination for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples.

Our journey of reconciliation is to be of paramount importance individually with our team members.as well as in all our projects and workplaces, and where we strive to enable the empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples.

We understand that through an Indigenous-led approach and the sensitive inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in our designed projects, we will produce richer and more meaningful outcomes for the community, the environment and the places we live.  

Our team continue to establish and strengthen genuine relationships and maintain networks in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and are experienced in navigating the social and political challenges involved in finding the right people to speak for and with Country.