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Wayfinding & interpretation

We develop award-winning place identity, wayfinding and interpretive experiences that uncover the unique fabric and histories of place.

ASPECT Studios' comprehensive approach goes beyond conventional landscape architectural practices by embedding wayfinding and interpretative design into our practice. The collective knowledge of the team ensures seamless and cohesive project outcomes for clients and contributes to an enhanced user experience. This collaborative approach elevates cultural and historical values while fostering a deeper connection to place.
As designers, we hold a collective purpose to create projects that transcend the ordinary and enrich people's lives and natural systems. Incorporating wayfinding and interpretation into our design offering is a crucial part of meeting this challenge.

With a multidisciplinary team of innovative thinkers, we interweave conceptual ideas with digital technologies to deliver site-responsive, generous places that people can confidently navigate.

Our Wayfinding & Interpretation team excel in strategic wayfinding, signage, interpretive design, signage guidelines, environmental graphics, and place identity, all crafted with an interdisciplinary approach to enhance user experiences and create culturally relevant environments.

Wayfinding guides a user’s journey, helping them make sense of a place using a carefully and strategically designed suite of signs and other visual interventions. Good wayfinding design understands and responds to the specific needs of different users and enhances user confidence in navigating complex environments through strategic wayfinding and a carefully considered information hierarchy. It aims to make destinations universally accessible and spaces universally navigable for all people.

Our integrated design offering provides the opportunity for wayfinding signage designs to seamlessly integrate within the landscape, architecture and interiors, ensuring legible, functional, and brand-aligned solutions.
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The second dimension of our work is about telling stories. We're passionate about storytelling through our interpretive design, uncovering the unique identities of places to create meaningful connections. We find inspiration from the past and present, contributing to and strengthening the identity of place.

Interpretive design uncovers and communicates the stories, history, and significance of a location, embedding this narrative through various mediums, including visual, audio, interactive, signage and sculptural elements. This could mean commissioning an artist or poet, or working with an Indigenous artisan or storyteller, to create bespoke representations of story or place, resulting in a more culturally relevant and immersive environment. By acknowledging and honouring stories, we aim to create more meaningful experiences for everyone.

ASPECT Studios excels in Place Identity, collaborating with communities to create authentic narratives that foster economic growth. Our interdisciplinary team, including wayfinding strategists, researchers, and landscape architects, ensures that these narratives seamlessly enhance our projects, to create culturally relevant and memorable immersive environments.