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Wayfinding & interpretation

If you don’t know where you are, we help you find your way.

ASPECT Studios has made an art of helping people get to where they need to be. Wayfinding is a process everyone engages in – whether you are walking to your local shops or navigating the trails of a national park. It’s all about getting from point A to point B and knowing what and where point C is.

Good wayfinding design understands and responds to the specific needs of different users. It makes complex spaces legible, and gives confidence to people entering unfamiliar environments. It aims to make destinations universally accessible and spaces universally navigable for all people.
ASPECT Studios specialises in designing wayfinding systems and signage suites for pedestrians and cyclists within the public realm. Our work aims to contribute to the shift in public perception of, and engagement with, active transport. We achieve this through the strategic application of signage that informs and encourages use of open spaces. We want people to walk and cycle more and drive less – we love seeing people enjoy being outdoors.

The second dimension of our work is about telling stories. We develop award-winning and highly engaging interpretive experiences that uncover the unique histories connected to places. When we help create a place, we find inspiration from the past and present. By acknowledging and honouring stories, we aim to create more meaningful experiences for everyone.

ASPECT Studios dedicated Wayfinding and Interpretive Design Team work in continual concert with our landscape architects and other designers. The teams have unbridled access to one another and continuously produce highly successful and elegantly integrated wayfinding, interpretive, and signage solutions in all projects. We embed wayfinding and the narrative of a place into every project – a critical element of the holistic experience we excel at delivering.
APSECT Studios Whatwedo Coberg
Inspired by the Art-Deco elements still present in the reserve, the recent refurbishment of Coburg Lake developed a family of wayfinding, gateway and interpretive signage that would celebrate the lake’s rich history.