Strengthening the pedestrian experience

Factory Street has been transformed into a shareway, with fine a grain combination of granite pavers and setts carpeting the ground plane. Mature trees have been planted in Little Hay Street and Factory Street, as well as an overlay of new lantern style lightboxes. A site specific ribbon of custom designed furniture completes the work assisting to reactivate these streets.

Both streets are linked through Kimber Lane, a previously underutilised and narrow service laneway. ASPECT Studios worked closely with artist Jason Wing to integrate his public art installation, ‘Between Two Worlds’ within the revitalised public domain. The brightly coloured work includes painted cloud motifs on the walls and ground plane, granite etching and a series of site specific catenary lighting elements which references both the site’s history and current community.

ASPECT Studios was engaged in 2009 as lead consultant for stage one of the Chinatown upgrades which implement the City of Sydney’s Public Domain Master Plan, focusing on strengthening the pedestrian experience, improving lighting and embracing the distinguishing attributes of Little Hay Street, Factory Street and Kimber Lane.

Little Hay Street has been reinforced through widened granite paved footpaths, new street furniture and lighting. Deciduous street trees have been planted to provide a canopy in the summer months. A new public art installation, ‘Heaven and Earth’ is located at the intersection of Little Hay and Dixon Streets. The work is a collaboration between Peter McGregor, Deuce Design and ASPECT Studios and includes new ground plane elements such as granite etching, custom cast iron pieces and LED lights.

City of Sydney Council


Concept design, design development, tender and construction documentation, contract administration, 3D modelling, texturing, rendering, compositing


Chinatown, Sydney, NSW, Australia


ASPECT Studios, Jason Wing, Peter McGregor, CAB Consulting, Deuce Design, Northrop, GTA Consultants, Lighting, Art + Science, Morris Goding Accessibility Consulting


2009 – 2012