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ASPECT Studios enhances urbanism capabilities with appointment of new Studio Director Tamara Donnellan

Date: Aug 15, 2021
Category: Studio News
ASPECT Studios is excited to announce the appointment of Tamara Donnellan as Studio Director. Drawing on more than two decades of industry experience, Tamara is primed to lead the practice’s urbanism and strategic operations in Sydney.
Tamara Donnellan ASPECT Studios
Tamara Donnellan

Her appointment complements the existing leadership team’s skillset and the talent and expertise present in the Sydney studio. She is set to assume an integral role in the evolution of ASPECT’s offering to clients and the communities their projects serve.

Tamara will play a vital part in accelerating the development of ASPECT Studio’s urbanism and strategic planning capabilities at a time when the practice is becoming increasingly involved in leading city-shaping projects across Australia and around the world.

Her approach to leadership and design is shaped by a significant body of work, with particular experience in large-scale urban design and master planning projects. She is equipped with a rare sensitivity to the nuances of collaboration and a wealth of experience in working with stakeholders to tailor and identify quality outcomes.

ASPECT Studios practices “ground-up” urbanism - a process of considering the spatial arrangement of streets, buildings and open spaces that is underpinned by the systems of the site and the cultural and historical forces that shape and define it. Tamara’s ability to recognise a sense of place and the swirling set of factors that give it form will see her make a fine contribution to that practice and its continued development.

Tamara is involved in a project from the analysis and conception phases of strategic projects, and she maintains that involvement through to completion. This ensures that the completed spaces have a cohesive and carefully constructed quality and appeal that draws people in.

Sacha Coles, Director of ASPECT Studios, said of Tamara’s appointment:

“Tamara joining the Sydney Studio greatly expands the capabilities and project possibilities for ASPECT Studios. Her tenacity is well known and only matched by her strategic design excellence and open, collaborative style. Tamara will be leading our urbanism and strategic projects and we couldn’t be happier.”

The ASPECT Studios team shares a rich and long-standing history with Tamara that has resulted in the delivery of many design guidelines, urban design strategies and masterplans. These include the Places of Penrith Strategic Framework, and the initial pre-design competition work on brief and positioning for the Atlassian Headquarters in Sydney’s evolving technology and innovation precinct. Prior to joining ASPECT Studios, Tamara worked on several notable projects including the Paramatta Strategic Framework, Circular Quay Renewal Framework and Bays West Urban Design Framework.

Tamara Donnellan, Sydney Studio Director of ASPECT Studios, had this to say of her new role:

“What a privilege it is to join such a passionate team of creative leaders, designers, landscape architects and urbanists with a global reputation for creating enduring projects that enhance the lives of people, public life and natural systems. I am excited to work in an interdisciplinary role to integrate places with big city systems and the strategic roles that they can play, both now and into the future. I’m looking forward to taking this multifaceted sense down to the level of interfaces between the public and private realms.”

Tamara believes that successful urban design involves understanding a range of factors and forces. Some of these are spatial and built, while others relate to the political, economic and governance realms. She appreciates, understands and makes use of the fact that cities are ecosystems underpinned by green infrastructure, and that it is this infrastructure which has the greatest potential to uplift the health and wellbeing of places and their environmental systems.

ASPECT Studios is defined by its ability to integrate a wide range of global experience. The knowledge, expertise and creativity present in all nine studios is brought to bear on the successful delivery of quality public urban spaces. Tamara is well-placed to protect and develop that unique quality.