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The Ballarat Gov Hub Insight

Date: Sep 28, 2022
Category: Completed Projects
211217 Ballarat Gov Hub 2066
The Ballarat Gov Hub is home to almost 1000 workers and is an integral part of the Ballarat CBD landscape.

With several public spaces built upon the seamless integration of the urban inspirations and this regional workplace, the Gov Hub connects plazas, laneways, a central lawn, and a conservatory. Together, these spaces complement the existing character of the city.

211217 Ballarat Gov Hub 4432

Our team, alongside John Wardle Architects and AECOM, created several new public spaces and a wayfinding strategy for this civic space, including a glassed public conservatory link between the Civic Hall and the Gov Hub, a civic plaza on Mair Street, a central community square, and the pedestrian links to the Ballarat CBD and station.

The completion of this project is a considerable milestone for Ballarat, opening hundreds of new jobs and reshaping movement around the space to reinvigorate a major part of the city. We hope that projects like the Gov Hub help to encourage and inspire new approaches to civic infrastructure and government buildings.

211217 Ballarat Gov Hub 4140