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Canterbury Bankstown: Streets as Shared Spaces Program

Comprising a series of temporary and experimental installations, this project brought joy and activation to the streets in Sydney’s south-west during the period of re-emergence from Covid-19.
  • CLIENT City of Canterbury Bankstown
  • LOCATION Canterbury Bankstown LGA, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • YEAR 2022
From a twisted matrix of brightly coloured pipes, to a family of insectoid furniture elements, each installation used different techniques to create opportunities for passers-by sit, play and enjoy a moment of delight and surprise.
Canterbury Bankstown Streets Spaces Christopher Walsh web 7
At the corner of a busy road lined with retail and food stores, the Noodle is a long and colourful communal table that twists and wraps around itself, providing shade and an unusually thrilling place to rest. At the exit of Narwee Station, a twisted matrix of bright red pipes with swaying netted hammocks pops out from around the corner, interrupting the pattern of the daily commute.
On the other side of town, Etela Street slowly but conspicuously moves into view, drawing attention to its vibrant and graphic shapes. On a small, unused verge beside a carpark in Georges Hall, a family of insect-inspired furniture elements carrying edible plants crawls along the pavement. And en route to a childcare centre in Revesby, what was once a plain and narrow brick laneway explodes in a colourful, twisted entanglement of pipes unravelling down the laneway.
These small interventions playfully interrupt daily life and serve as a reminder of the role that design can play in bringing moments of excitement into our public spaces.
  • TEAM ASPECT Studios, Regal Innovations
  • AWARDS 2023 AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards: Small Projects - Landscape Architecture Award
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Christopher Walsh