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ASPECT Studios to design new mixed-use district in Chengdu

Date: 3月 03, 2024
Category: New Projects
ASPECT Studios News Sanya
ASPECT Studios has triumphed in an international design competition for a new mixed-use district in Chengdu. Jiaozi Park Financial Street comprises a linear mixed-use complex, connected and linked by sky bridges and multiple levels of people-orientated commercial and retail space.

The jury lauded ASPECT’s approach to place activation over multiple levels, with a truly mixed-use program evident throughout.

The design explores the borderless integration of parks and businesses, experiences and places, and people and nature. The goal is to create a destination for diversified urban life, where different social groups meet and mix in an experiential setting.

ASPECT Studios News Sanya2

Commissioned artworks will tell the story of the past and future of this place. It is also an immersive micro-trip to the city, where local culture and art creations tell the story of the past and future. A full-time matrix of vitality, a pleasant spatial scale and functional layout, accommodating different communities, meeting consumer demand, and bringing a rich experience; it will become a green island of natural healing, where man and nature are linked, and symbiosis occurs.

Stephen Buckle, Design Director of ASPECT’s China studios, said:

The chance to shape such a vital public urban space is a true privilege. Our design thinking considers a weaving together of a range of grounded and vertical unique exploratory journeys, allowing visitors and residents to be immersed in diverse experiences defined by people, place, and nature.

ASPECT Studios won against a formidable shortlist of international landscape architecture firms. Our congratulations go to our design team in Shanghai for such an amazing result.

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