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The Melbourne studio

The Melbourne studio sits within the heart of the Melbourne CBD, surrounded by the active life of the city, laneway culture and great transport links. Our studio is in a tall modernist building, with light on three sides, lots of greenery within and great views over Melbourne central laneway precinct.  We think of it as a modernist greenhouse, with Connection to Country people on the inside. The studio is a team of Landscape Architects, Architects, Urbanists, Graphic Designers and Wayfinding experts that are committed to making a positive impact on our environment, the communities in which we work and the studio team. We have leaders in the practice in sustainability, living architecture, First Peoples’ partnerships, bi-cultural design, transport, place making, digital design and BIM. The Melbourne team lead and contribute to a diverse range of local, national and international places and projects. Our design approach is collaborative and inclusive, ensuring that all team members have an opportunity to design. Our team is diverse and brings various perspectives to our projects. We are constantly re-thinking and re-approaching the ever-changing challenges our profession and the natural/built environment present.
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The Melbourne team

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University of Melbourne - Built Industry Group

Our Melbourne studio recently had the pleasure of hosting students from the University of Melbourne to share what ASPECT Studios does – and why it does it – with a group of up-and-coming designers. The morning was facilitated by the student-run Built Industry Group (BIG), which connects its members to practices across design, construction and property, to form and develop professional connections in tandem with their studies. As part of BIG's 2023 open day series, students were invited to have a look inside a number firms where they might one day work, including ASPECT Studios.