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Atlassian Australia Headquarters reaches Financial Close

Date: 8月 20, 2022
Category: New Projects
ASPECT INSIGHTS Atlassian HQ Approved 02
The new Atlassian Australia headquarters has recently achieved Financial Close, an incredible milestone for this project!

Atlassian have been working closely with the NSW Government and developer and investor Dexus to make this world-leading sustainable tower become a reality. With an incredible hybrid-timber design, the Atlassian Australian headquarter building will feature 39 storeys distributed across 8 different habitats.

The creation of this building is a credit to Atlassian’s and Dexus’s vision to help build a centre for technology in Australia where start-ups and large technology companies can work together to create amazing ideas.

Congratulations to Atlassian, Dexus, and our collaborators for reaching this stage of the project.

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