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Casuarina Park in Brisbane takes shape

Date: 2月 01, 2024
Category: Project updates
BNE21079 20231017 Woodbury CGI Render Creek
Our park projects always aim to create spaces for people of all ages – so it’s exciting to see the unique play structure for Fiteni at Casuarina Park in Brisbane taking shape.

Designed with Fleetwood Urban, the structure complements ASPECT Studios’ broader design for the park, with a playful design inspired by casuarina seed pods and the black cockatoo.

Casuarina Park 2

Our design for Casuarina Park addresses the key experiences of the place and builds on stories of the past. Visible from both the park and the play tower, Mount Cotton (or the “Western Wind”, as it is traditionally known) defines the visitor experience, and the park has been designed to enhance and develop that connection.

Casuarina Park 4