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Contemporary artwork unveiled for new Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway

Date: 8月 16, 2023
Category: Project updates
ASPECT Studios News SHB Cycleway
From our competition entry to where we are today, designing with Country has informed the development of the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway ramp, including a large-scale Aboriginal artwork on the ramp deck.

Within their artist statement below, Aboriginal artists Jason Wing and Maddison Gibbs describe their artwork of two inter-connected eels along the length of the bicycle ramp:

The incredible life cycle of eels symbolises the resilience, survival, and adaptation of Aboriginal people. Eels symbolise the past and present endurance of Aboriginal people overcoming barriers, new landscapes/seascapes, social changes, and more.

Our contemporary artwork is inclusive of all Aboriginal mobs around Australia while acknowledging and focusing on local Gadigal and Cammeraygal place.

The eel's journey up and down the cycle ramp references the freshwater (Australia) to saltwater (coral sea) journey. The two different coloured eels symbolise the salt water and freshwater transition as well as the physical transition of the eels.

The contemporary imagery is a reclamation of physical, spiritual, and cultural place, connecting sky, land, and water.

The eels’ migration has a deep memory and celebrates its lifelong cyclical journey, always returning to where its life began.

Read more about the project in the Sydney Morning Herald.