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Cottesloe Foreshore Redevelopment

Date: 5月 24, 2021
Category: New Projects
Plans to revitalise the Cottesloe Foreshore continue to move forward following acceptance by the Town of Cottesloe of our comprehensive design for this exciting beachfront rejuvenation project.
ASPECT INSIGHTS Cottesloe Foreshore HERO 01

People are the main focus of this redevelopment, where one of the key objectives is to create spaces that offer a variety of easily accessible experiences and activities for all to enjoy.

The design provides a new look and feel, improved beach access, additional recreational space, and wide footpaths with features such as coastal gardens, natural seating, green and shady spaces, a lookout zone, playground and fitness areas, as well as plaza areas for space activation.

ASPECT INSIGHTS Cottesloe Foreshore 03

With safety also a top consideration, the design includes plans to reduce traffic speed and volume through road treatments that will slow traffic, and the addition of pedestrian islands for safe crossing.

This design is fitting with the Town’s mission statement – ‘to preserve and improve Cottesloe's natural and built environment and beach lifestyle by using sustainable strategies in consultation with the community.’

The detailed design drawings will allow the Town to start talking with State and Federal government regarding funding. We can’t wait to see these plans come into fruition for this popular beachside town in Western Australia.